Monday, February 1, 2016

Australian Open 2016 recap!

The Australian Open ended yesterday for tennis fans. Novak Djokovic won his sixth Australian Open title. Angelique Kerber won her first Australian Open title, in a stunning upset of Serena Williams. Both finals were hard to watch, as Melbourne is many hours ahead. In the men's side, Novak D. beat Andy Murray again. This time, the match lasted three sets only. The match was a good clash, of the top 2 players. Novak beat Roger Federer in the semifinals, in four sets. It was good to see Roger get a set off of Novak. Hopefully, Roger can win the match in their next encounter. There were a good amount of upsets, on the women's side. Serena Williams was hoping to win the title, and she would have tied Steffi Graff for 22 grand slam titles. Yet, Serena was denied by Angelique in three tough sets. Serena should be able to capture another title this year, to equal Steffi's record. Serena was gracious in defeat. In closing, the tournament was another good opening grand slam for 2016. The next grand slam tournament is the French Open, in May 2016. Enjoy the picture above, as it is a logo from the Australian Open.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Keeping New Year's Resolutions!

This year is coming to an end. New Year's Resolutions are the next best thing, which people will make in a few days. But, it is quite hard to attain the New Year's Resolutions. Many people break them within the first day of the new year. This reason is why people don't make New Year's Resolutions too. A friend of mine asked me "what are your new year's resolutions?" My response is "it is better not to make them, as the resolution will be hard to attain." Some basic new year's resolutions are losing weight, or to manage one's finances better. Keeping New Year's resolutions can boil down to willpower. New Year's resolutions are a common tradition globally. For those of you that attain the resolutions, there is a good feeling. The new year is a time to reflect, so people want to attain the resolutions. For those of you that don't attain the resolutions, it is ok. Good luck to everyone! Hope you enjoy the picture above, as it is an image for listing those resolutions.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Which team will beat the Golden State Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors have won fifteen games, and the NBA season is not even one month old. The defending NBA champions look unstoppable. If the Golden State Warriors win on Tuesday night, it will be the best start in NBA season history. Luke Walton is the interim coach for the Warriors, as Steve Kerr has gone through back problems. The Golden State Warriors are the best team in California too, as the Clippers and Lakers have faltered tremendously. Both LA teams are under .500, in winning percentage. As for the rest of the NBA, the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers are battling out in the Eastern Conference. Behind Golden State, the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks are close behind in victories. The NBA season is not even 20% old, but it's been a good one so far. The Philadelphia 76ers are the only winless team in the NBA, so let's hope they can win some games soon. Some of last year's best teams are under .500, including Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets. Recently, the Houston Rockets franchise fired Kevin McHale, their former coach. In closing, which team will hand the Golden State Warriors with their first loss? The Warriors play the Lakers on Tuesday night. The Lakers have won only two games, in Kobe Bryant's final year of his career. Only time will tell if there is a team, that can beat Golden State. Gotta love this game!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NBA 2015-16 season; which team will win the NBA championship?

The NBA season started about 9 days ago, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the favorite in Las Vegas. But, the Golden State Warriors won last year. Don't tell Stephen Curry that his team is not the favorite. So far, there are many undefeated teams in the NBA. There are winless teams too, like the LA Lakers. In Kobe Bryant's so called final year in the NBA, when will his team win their first game? Good question, and hope Kobe answers it soon. The Phoenix Suns have won three of their first five games. With the NBA season only 2 weeks old, the favorites are San Antonio and Golden State out west. Houston and OK City Thunder will be tough too, but they need to improve their shot selection to hang with the Spurs and Warriors. Out east, the Cleveland Cavaliers will battle Washington and Miami Heat for the best team. Atlanta could make it back to Eastern conference finals too. Hope it's another fun year. Chris Paul is the picture for this post. Peace!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Funny NBA Impersonations by Brandon Armstrong

Brandon Armstrong is a former NBA basketball player, and he has played professional basketball on four continents. He came into the NBA in 2001, as he played for the New Jersey Nets for three years. Brandon played professional basketball in Poland, Ukraine, and Venezuela too. Brandon has not played professional basketball since 2009, but that's ok for him. Because, he is one of the funniest NBA impersonators. For me, Brandon's funniest impersonations are of Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook. Brandon does these spot on impersonations, that's it is so funny to watch repetitively. Recently, Brandon has done impersonations of Kevin Garnett and Lebron James without any problem. Heck the nba players love him too, as Russell Westbrook was laughing so hard on his twitter account. Since Brandon could not live out his NBA dream, he is imitating the best NBA players. If you have not seen Brandon do his impersonations, then you are missing out on a good laugh or two. If you type in James Harden impersonations in youtube, then you should find Brandon Armstrong at the top. Hope Brandon continues to do more impersonations. Enjoy the picture of Brandon Armstrong doing a Kobe Bryant impersonation. Way to go, BA!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Vin Scully missing postseason due to medical procedure

The LA Dodgers are my favorite baseball team. One of my first baseball games was in Dodgers Stadium, back in mid-1980s. Vin Scully is one of the best broadcasters in sports, and he has been the main commentator for more than sixty years for LA Dodgers games. Unfortunately, he will be missing the postseason due to a recent medical procedure. Vin will be back in 2016, for his 67th final season. Furthermore, it is hard to believe that he has been doing the same job for six decades plus. Vin is from Brooklyn, NY originally. The LA Dodgers host the NY Mets in game 1, of the NL division series tomorrow night. So far, the MLB playoffs have been upset filled. The NY Yankees lost at home in the first wildcard game, to the Houston Astros. The Pittsburgh Pirates lost at home in the NL wildcard game, to the Chicago Cubs. Today, the Texas Rangers beat Toronto in Canada. Finally, the Houston Astros upset the KC Royals tonight. The Astros are looking really good. Hope the LA Dodgers can beat the NY Mets in their series. Go Dodger Blue! Hope you enjoy the picture above, as the LA Dodgers logo is a popular one.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quantico: a new tv show on ABC, and home of the FBI Academy

Have you been to Quantico, or heard of this small town in Virginia? It is in Prince William County, Virginia. The town is the home of the FBI Academy. The town is bordered by the Potomac River, and Quantico is 37 miles southwest of Washington, DC. During my three years living in Northern Virginia, a drive to Quantico was not high on my list of places to see. On the contrary, it should have been a place for me to see. Next, Quantico is a TV show on ABC. The show has its series premiere on ABC, on September 27. The show is a 60 minute fictional story, about young FBI recruits training at the US Marine Corps base. The show stars Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, as Alex Parrish. Priyanka is a talented Bollywood actress, and she won Miss World pageant in 2000. She has lived in the US, and in India throughout her cosmopolitan life. One of her best Indian movies is "What is your Raashee?"; which is a favorite of mine. Finally, hope "Quantico" tv show does well in its first season. Hope it gets extended to a 2nd season, if the first season's ratings are high. Hope you enjoy the picture of Priyanka Chopra above. She is in the picture, with Kerry Washington (another beautiful actress and the main star of "Scandal" on ABC). Au revoir!