Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wimbledon 2014 recap: Kvitova and Djokovic increase their trophy cases

The most prestigious tennis tournament is over. Today, Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in the men's final at Wimbledon. The match lasted close to 4 hours, and it was a tight five setter. Roger Federer was outlasted by Novak Djokovic. Novak was serving for the match in the fourth set, but Roger won the final five games of that set. Finally, Roger lost the last game of the match on serve. Novak won his second title, and Roger showed class in the loss. Both players have a good friendship, which is uncanny on the ATP tour. Roger played a great grass court season, by winning in Halle, Germany. He played really well at Wimbledon, by making the finals. "RF" will be back next year to fight for that eighth title in England. As for the women's side, Petra Kvitova won her second wimbledon title. She beat Eugenie Bouchard in the finals, and this fortnight was replete with upsets for the women. Eugenie Bouchard pulled off two major upsets, by beating Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep. Eugenie had made the semifinals, at the French Open and Australian Open in 2014. She is referred to as " 'Genie ", as a nickname. Lastly, The Royal Box had Prince William and his wife Kate, David Beckham and actors Bradley Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Hemsworth. Also, Orlando Bloom and other stars were in attendance. Wimbledon brings out the celebrities. :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chicago, the windy city and home of new "Star Wars" museum

Chicago is the nation's third most populous city. It has the John Hancock center, and Willis Tower. The latter of the skyscrapers is the second tallest building in the US. In the upcoming years, the city will be the home of the new "Star Wars" museum also. The creator of the sci-fi movies, George Lucas, made the announcement today. It is a major victory for Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Even though LucasFilm and Skywalker Sound are based in Marin County, CA; the revered director chose the state of Illinois. For RSG, this museum will be a "must see" for my next visit. For the opening ceremony, the storm troopers might march throughout the city. Or, the original "Star Wars" cast should do the honors of opening the museum. As for the next "Star Wars" movie, Episode VII will be in theaters in December 2015. Let's hope the museum is done before the release date.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Allez Maria! Sharapova wins second French Open title

Maria Sharapova won her second French Open title yesterday. She won her fifth title at a major tennis tournament. It was the hardest grand slam final victory for Maria. She beat Simona Halep in three sets. Maria will move back into the top five in the rankings. On the men's side, Rafael Nadal won his ninth French Open title. He beat Novak Djokovic in four sets. Going back to Sharapova, she is second now in the all-time women's prize money list. Hope Maria can win Australian, Wimbledon, or US Open again. Her next test will be at Wimbledon in two weeks. This grand slam tournament is the most prestigious. Au Revoir from Paris, the city of love. Enjoy the picture of Miss Sharapova, the russian beauty.

Friday, May 23, 2014

drinking red wine, and white wine. Which wine is better?

As some people know, RSG enjoys wine. The wine which he drinks is white wine only, as red wine has too many tannins. While on vacation, most of my cousins drank tons of sangria, moscato, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot. Everyone got crunk off of pinot noir, and his cousins asked me "why is it that you don't drink red wine?" It is 10:30 pm, and everyone is wondering "what's next to drink on the agenda?" Yours truly spent the night observing everyone drinking, like there was no tomorrow. For rsg to drink wine, it has to be one of the following wines: 1. Pinot Grigio 2. Pinot Gris 3. Sauvignon Blanc 4. White Zinfandel 5. Chardonnay 6. Riesling 7. Chenin 8. Viognier Moscato is a good wine, but it is better to drink it during dessert. Since this wine is too sweet, it is not consumed by yours truly. Finally, if you can pair a good wine with some great food, you are the "sommelier." In closing, enjoy a good glass of vino. Wine can make one dine, and look really fine. That one is for the lovely ladies to follow! :) :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

coping with Lyme disease

Last night at a Benihana restaurant, a young man was asking me "do you want to eat those shrimp?". After a few minutes, RSG figured that he had enough shrimp, so it would be good to let someone else enjoy the meat. The young frail man started to eat the shrimp, and his father told everyone at the table "my son is having his last meal." Since the sequence of events had sparked my interest, RSG asked the skinny man "why is this meal your last one?" The patient told me "I am in the phoenix area to take care of a health issue." Within thirty seconds, the emaciated young man asked me "you seem interested to know my problem." Next, I stated "only you can divulge the problem you have, and reveal it if you feel comfortable." The young man mentioned "the Mayo Clinic is going to help me, to conquer lyme disease, as it has weakened me tremendously." Immediately, I told the lyme disease patient that he will survive this medical predicament. For the next twenty minutes, the young twenty two year old man described some of his symptoms, and how he is fighting for his life. RSG asked him, "how do you cope with this problem for so many years?" His response was "I have to fight it, or my life ends." Then, we discussed the theory of "fight or flight." The young man was taken aback, by the medical terminology and physiological theories. Towards the end of dinner, he said "the fighter mentality that I have is going to help also." At the end of the night, the young man's zeal to fight was a very motivating tool for everyone to do the right thing. The Mayo Clinic is located in Scottsdale, AZ; and it is one of the most revered medical centers in this country. Finally, the young man has aspirations of being a leading nutrionist someday. He is studying nutritional sciences at Oregon State University. May he accomplish his dream, and help others too.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why e-mail accounts, and security should change

About twenty hours ago, RSG ended another chapter in his working life. While working his last day at Matrix Medical, a system admin. asked him "are you going to see your e-mail, after you leave?". Why would a system admin. ask me this question? Well, the reason is most people feel the need to go back into their e-mail account; after leaving their last employer. It's a good thing that RSG did not go back into his work e-mail account, as companies keep an old e-mail account for almost seven years. When people leave an employer, it is best to make sure that you leave with all your personal electronic files intact. Taking a flash drive to your work to download appropriate work files, or e-mailing work files to another e-mail account is the right step. In contrast, companies should delete old email archives that are only three to four years old. Companies are protecting themselves from future incrimination, by deleting these e-mail accounts sooner than seven years. It's a preventative measure, which should be followed. If three year old e-mail accounts are deleted in a quicker method, it will help companies to move onto bigger security initiatives.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Federer placing "family first" is right move

When you have won seventeen grand slam titles like Roger Federer has done, one will wonder "what is one of the most important goals of 2014." For Roger, placing his "family first" is one of those aims. This year, Roger's wife, Mirka, is set to deliver their third child. Her due date is supposed to be in spring/summer, and both parents do not know the "exact due date." Also, both people are being private about it with the media. This move is the other right one, for Roger to do. In two recent news articles online, from the Associated Press and ESPN, the "Swiss Maestro" stated that he would miss the French Open and other tournaments this spring/summer. He would miss those tournaments, to be with his wife during that special birth moment. For Roger, he is showing his unselfish demeanor and people should follow that trait. This week, Roger is playing in Monte Carlo for the ATP World Tour tournament. Roger won his 950th match today, and it was a tough win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The match was a three setter, and Federer was two points away from defeat in the second set. Next, he won the tiebreaker in the second set. Finally, he closed out the match with two breaks of serve in the third set with the score of 6-1. In the semis of Monte Carlo, Roger will play Novak Djokovic for their 34th time. Their rivalry is one of the best ones, as their head to head is almost a .500 percentage. Roger has 17 wins, and Novak has 16 wins; in thirty three matches. Hope it's another great match tomorrow for the two legends. The picture above is of Roger & Novak (rivals, as well as good friends).