Saturday, May 23, 2015

Catching U2 on the "Innocence + Experience" Tour

Last night, U2 performed at US Airways Center as part of their "two night" shows in Phoenix. The group played 26 songs, in 135 minutes. The Irish quartet played on three stages: one stage was innocence, one stage was experience, and the final stage was the huge LED screen. The latter stage served as a LED screen; and the band members walked in & out of the stage during songs. Of the 26 tracks, seven of them were from their latest album; "songs of innocence." For myself, seeing U2 at US Airways Center was the second time in my existence. My first time seeing them perform was in Sun Devil Stadium (Tempe), in 1997. The second time around, an opening band was not there. U2 performed an incredible show, with the first 10 songs being the first set. The second set (or part) was thirteen songs, including "The hands that built America"; from "Gangs of New York" movie. U2 sang the great ballad covertly, and only a few people realized it. Finally, the encore part or finale was three classic songs. Bono and The Edge said "good bye"; but the innocence and experience stages had "city of blinding lights" instead. The LED screen showed pictures of Los Angeles, and New York skylines during my favorite song. Phoenix is the third city, on the "I+E" tour. Seeing the concert with my trio of family members was quite memorable. The vibe, and electricity at a u2 show is ineffable. In closing, enjoy the picture above. Three beautiful ladies came on stage, during the "mysterious ways" song. Bono, and Co. know how to entertain people. Cheers!! The set list to the concert is online at

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Experimenting with dating, hookup apps.

Have you ever used Tinder,, or OkCupid before? These websites are on the internet, and the companies are hookup apps. that can be downloaded. If you have an Iphone or Android OS based phone, then you can download Okcupid; Tinder; and other hookup apps. IAC Corp. owns Tinder,, and OkCupid. The three "social discovery apps" are part of the Match Group, a subsidiary of IAC corp. Next, consumers use these websites to find the right partner in their life. But, Tinder users may not be the right people to look for; or "hook up with." According to GlobalWebIndex, 42% of the users on Tinder are in a relationship already. Yet, these users are searching for another partner. This statistic should lead humans to be more cautious, of their "swiping" habits on Tinder. A vast majority of the 42% of users are men, which are in a relationship. Guess being a player is cool. Not!!! In contrast, one should wonder how many of the users on Tinder; are married women seeking out men. These hookup apps. are questioning the principle of "committed relationships" and marriage. Are married couples really committed, or are they looking for a new love interest? Outside of the three hookup apps. mentioned frequently in this article, other niche relationship services are Hinge;;; and OkCupid, Match, and Tinder are the three most popular downloads for dating apps. This statistic is from Apple App, and GooglePlay app stores. In closing, use caution while searching for the right partner on these dating apps. Hope you enjoy the picture above. Did you know that Coffeemeetsbagel (CMB) has more female users on it, than male users? True statistic, and story. Happy Trails!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Space Exploration Companies 101: Introduction, Terms, and Extras

In 2012 and 2013, NASA received funding from President Barack Obama. According to the White House's 2013 budget request, NASA would receive $59 million less than the 2012 figure. NASA would see a cut in planetary science spending, as well. With these various cuts in the government's budget spending happening, the organization may have thought "where is the money going to, and who is the competition stealing the airspace?" These questions bring in the diverse companies competing with NASA, such as Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and Blue Origin. First, Richard Branson wanted Virgin Galactic to take passengers on suborbital flights. The talented musical, airline, and telecom entrepreneur has tried to offer suborbital flights since 2007. Yet, the start date was pushed back an innumerable amount of times. The list of development problems started in 2007, with various crashes during test flights and continued sadly through 2014. Virgin Galactic started TSC (The Spaceship Company), and it is headquartered in Mojave, CA. TSC is building spaceships, that will help Virgin Galactic achieve the dreams of its 700,000 paid customers. Up next is Elon Musk's SpaceX, short for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. The company is based in Hawthorne, CA. Since 2002, the company has become a major player in Space Transportation Services. SpaceX designs many of its parts in-house, in order to control costs and quality. This process has helped the firm, to offer one of the lowest launch prices in the industry. SpaceX has signed many contracts with NASA, and other private sector companies for its space launch services. Last but not least is Blue Origin, another privately funded aerospace manufacturer. The company was started by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin is creating technology for humans, to have low cost, private access to space. The scientific process is done with an affordable cost, and increased reliability as the main principles. The company is based in Kent, WA. The company is focused on sub-orbital spaceflight products, and increasing human safety measures for space tourism. In closing, my goal was to inform you of a diverse set of "space exploration companies." When people think of the final frontier, they should know this subject has not dissolved into thin air. Enjoy the image above of SpaceX helping private companies, to receive satellite funding.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Researching Flipkart, India's premier e-tailer

Remember how you were flipping a cart in a grocery store. Back in the day, flipping a cart was "the in thing" to do. Fast forward three decades, you don't buy goods in a grocery store. Many people shop online, so is their e-tailing destination. Yet in India, is not the premier e-tailer (electronic retail website). The citizens of the subcontinent choose Flipkart instead. Hence, Flipkart is called "the Amazon of India." The company is a huge business to consumers (B2C) marketplace, but the firm is unprofitable. One of the goals of Flipkart is to attain profitability, by 2017. Readers may wonder "is the company a public one, on the Sensex, or another global stock exchange?" Flipkart has filed their IPO in Singapore, and hopes to go public in 2015 on SGX (Singapore Exchange). Flipkart is headquartered in Bengaluru (Bangalore), the Silicon Valley of India. In addition to going public (IPO), the company has a market cap. of $11 billion. The company was started in 2007, by Sachin and Binny Bansal. The company has diverse marketplaces, and the e-commerce firm has modeled Ebay India's various marketplaces. The "marketplace modeling" is not a bad way for Flipkart, to become a more visible company. The company has received accolades, and other various praise from the Indian government. The company has an entrepreneurial spirit, and it should continue to grow by leaps and bounds. In closing, the company should continue to gain traction in one of the world's top 20 economies. The picture above is one of the logos, of Flipkart. Hope you enjoyed this brief company perspective. Au Revoir!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mixing various concoctions with a twist, avec G. Ripley; et entourage

Today, G. Ripley was mixing different spirits. While at "The Vig lounge" R$G drank the following concoctions: paco blanco ribeiro wine (from Spain), Purple Hooter mixed drink, and Washington Apple shot. Paco Blanco ribeiro wine was a new wine, for me. It is a beautiful blended white wine, and the vino tastes very similar to sauvignon blanc (or pinot grigio). The ribeiro was a crisp, clear cut wine. Second, the "Purple Hooter" drink had Vodka and Chambord liquer. This spirit can be made into a shot, or a drink. The drink is going to have more alcohol, and it can take "more time" to consume. More time to consuming a twisted concoction is a good thing. The final drink, Washington apple, can be made into a shot only. Washington apple has dekrupper schnapps, and whiskey as the main alcoholic ingredients. The present "peter smith-kingsley" ordered the Washington apple, for the table. Finally, the table had some nice female vixens. One was the local "meredith w.", and she was a beautiful brunette. The other "femme fatale" was a current "marge r." She was a prankster of sorts, too. So, the night was full of vignettes to divulge. In closing, all the recent characters are prevalent in Patricia Highsmith novels. She was the author of "the Talented Mr. Ripley," and the Ripliad. The author recommends each friend, and family member to read these five riveting books. Each book mentions Tom Ripley, as a good person and a cunning villain. The picture above showcases the ribeiro wine, and purple hooter drink; plus two refreshing beers. Arrivederci!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Exciting adventures in Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Visiting Mexico and spending time on the beautiful beaches can be crossed, off my "country list." Last weekend, Puerto Penasco was my party destination of choice. It is 212 miles from Phoenix (Tempe) to Rocky Point. Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point in English, is called as "Arizona's closest beach." The Pacific Ocean is the body of water, and Rocky Point is in the state of Sonora. After reaching the condo resort, activities such as "shot crawl" and "bar hopping" were the main events. The "bar hopping" involved the citron restaurant bar, and the "sand pool bar." The "pool bar" turned into a dance floor, after 9 pm. A plethora of pretty women, and men danced the night away. A good amount of bumping and grinding (B&G), plus seduction ensued in the friendly confines. Many people had "fireball" shots, or consumed "mind erasers" and "hurricane" drinks. These mixed drinks were made by Hollywood G., and his mixologists. On the second night, the lovely ladies were luring me to "The Reef." This nightclub/bar is on the Pacific Ocean. The main cover band was playing top 40 hits, and pop/rock songs from past decades (80's, 90's, 2000s', etc.). Dancing at this nightclub was the best activity for me, and it was good to buy drinks for trusted friends too. Purple Hooter, and Bombay Sapphire Tonic were the drinks of choice for "ladies and R$G." After buying drinks for ladies, they paid me back with romantic kisses. The "kiss exchange" was in full effect. The final enticing activity was getting delicious tacos at an authentic taco shop, Capone's. Lastly, Sunday was a day for doing shopping in old town Rocky Point. It was cool to buy souvenirs of NFL teams, or NBA teams for a good bargain. The seafood, and other fine meats were cooked properly in restaurants. Everyone enjoyed the Spanish cuisine. There were some great memories of this past weekend, for G. Ripley. Someday in the near future, Rocky Point will be a place for me to take more friends to see. The picture above is from my condo room, and it was one of many photos that I snapped. Adios Amigos!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Different TLD's, web browsers, etc. lead to new web terminology for R$G

Registering a domain name used to be expensive, but people's web addresses can be registered without knowing it. For example, try going to or If you go to each one, then you think that it's an Indian website or a french website. Wrong answer, buddy. Essentially, you are viewing my weblog in english yet at an Indian or French based domain name. Hence, let's go over some web terminology. A top level domain (tld) identifies the most generic part of the domain name, in an Internet address. There are country level TLD's like .za for south africa, or .de for germany. There are generic level TLD's, such as .co, .biz, or .info. The generic level TLD is meant to be used for a purpose, like a specific business (.biz) or Information (.info) only. For me, these top level domains were simplified by using Next time you want to go to Switzerland, don't book an airline ticket. Just check out .ch websites, as they may teach you more about Switzerland. The Swiss are viewing G. Ripley, and his every move. For real! Peace!