Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Chinese New Year is "Year of the Sheep"

More than three decades ago, RSG lived in Taiwan. According to the Chinese New Year, he was born during the year of the Dragon. In 2015, the Chinese will celebrate their New Year on February 19. This year is the year of the sheep, per the Chinese zodiac. But, what does the year of the goat mean? Furthermore, the sheep is one that should practice self-care in the workplace. In terms of relationships, the sheep has the traits of sharing their feelings. A person that is a sheep, will be trusted by more people than usual. In 2015, the sheep will be in the money by making sound financial decisions. Lastly, the sheep should stick to their routine to attain topmost health. In the end, it is good to be a sheep in 2015. 2003 was the last year of the sheep. The different animals, or signs in the Chinese zodiac comes back every twelve years. In the cities of Washington DC, NY, SF, and LA; there will be huge parades for Chinese New Year on February 19. The Chinese New Year is celebrated in a global way too. Hope you enjoy the picture above, from Chinese New Year celebration in London's Chinatown district.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why does India have so many political parties?

Tonight, Rahulio and a good friend discussed political parties in India. His associate, Primo, brought up three political parties and how they became popular. The first party was BJP. BJP stands for Bharatiya Janata Party, which means Indian people's party in Hindi. The second party was Shiv Sena, which means Shivaji's army in Hindi. It is a far-right regional political party based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The final party mentioned was the RSS, which stands for Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. This party name means National Volunteer Organization in Hindi. After being informed about these three parties, the reader may ask "why are there more than two parties in India?" If someone was to ask "what is the world's largest democracy?", the answer most likely would be the USA. But, the correct answer is India. Yet, how does India have a democracy with more than 50 political parties. It is done because the population is so huge and diverse, that each state has to have more than five political parties. Furthermore, here is a good example of an Indian state with more than 10 political parties. It is none other than Andhra Pradesh. This state has close to 35 political parties. The state has Telugu as its main language; and some of the main parties are Congress, BJP, and communists. Since the author of this post is from Maharashtra, it does not hurt to mention that this state has more than thirty political parties. Marathi is the main language, though it may not be the main language spoken in Mumbai. Gujarat, and languages from the South (tamil, kannada, or malyalee) are prominent languages as well. Currently, Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India. He came from the BJP party. If Narendra Modi were to visit Europe, he may look at Germany and other countries (Belgium and UK) that have more than ten political parties. He may be able to tell Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) and David Cameron (UK prime minister), that having more than five political parties is not an anomaly. Lastly, hope you enjoy the picture of the tricolor above. The Indian flag is always a favorite picture of yours truly.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Learning more about Alan Turing, computer science pioneer and the father of AI

After seeing “The Imitation Game” movie, it made me realize that Alan Turing was a prodigal human being. The movie is based on a true story, about Alan Turing and his cryptography work during World War II. Alan received his PhD from Princeton University in 1938. Turing is touted as a computer science pioneer, and the father of AI (artificial intelligence). During World War II, Alan Turing worked on cracking the code in the German Enigma machine. This project started in 1939 for Alan, and his team of codebreakers. In the movie, Alan and his team struggle to crack Germany’s aerial assault on England. Yet, Alan and his team persevere to crack the code at Bletchley Park in later stages of the war. In 1945, World War II ended with the Allies securing victory in Europe and Asia. After the war, Turing engaged in acts of homosexuality. The homosexuality behavior was not tolerated in England, and this sensitive topic is discussed in the movie. Nine years after World War II ended, Alan Turing died. He committed suicide via cyanide poisoning. Turing showed signs of genius behavior, in his younger days. If you have not seen "the Imitation game", then you are missing out on learning about one of the most enigmatic minds. Enjoy the picture above of Benedict Cumberbatch, a renowned actor well suited for the role of Turing.

Friday, December 5, 2014

"Spectre", and other Bond facts

Yesterday, many bond fans including RSG awaited announcements regarding “Bond 24.” In London, the movie announcements were made by Sam Mendes and the Broccoli family. Sam Mendes will be behind the director’s chair again. Yet, some new faces will be there like: 1. Christoph Waltz, 2. Monica Bellucci, and 3. Lea Seydoux. First, Christoph Waltz is a cosmopolitan actor that hails from Austria. He is a two time Academy Award Winner, and he will be the villain in the next Bond film. He will play a character quite similar to “Blofeld”, the old Bond villain from Dr. No. Recently, Christoph Waltz received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was in “Horrible Bosses 2” also. Second, Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux will be the Bond girls. Monica Bellucci wowed crowds in the final Matrix movie, The Matrix Revolutions (2003). Bellucci will play Lucia Sciarra. Lea Seydoux was in “Inglorious Basterds (2009)," a Quentin Tarantino directed movie. Her role will be Madeleine Swann. Hence, the next Bond movie titled “Spectre” will be in theaters on November 6, 2015. Daniel Craig will play James Bond for the fourth time. It will be hard for this Bond film to surpass “Skyfall”, the last Bond movie in 2012, at the box office. Skyfall made over $1 billion worldwide. RSG can’t wait another 11 months, but patience will have to take over. Enjoy the poster for the new Bond movie above.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Comedic Tales of Professor Primo and Rahulio Greenleaf

In present day Monrovia, CA; there is an cognitive psychology professor named Primo. He has been teaching cognition and memory 101 for the past three years, at a nearby university. His students are fascinated, by how he uses his hilarious friends in his presentations. One interesting presentation involved the great Rahulio Greenleaf. Mr. Greenleaf is a witty fellow, that tries to get involved with many ladies. The key word is try, as Rahulio strikes out often with the females. One day, Primo starts the presentation with a picture of Rahulio. Primo says "my students, here is a picture of Mr. Greenleaf. Mr. Greenleaf is the coquettish type, especially with those young seductive ladies (YSL) in Los Angeles." Mr. Greenleaf is known for his prolific memory, as he remembers many facts about famous females. But, Mr. Greenleaf tries to be funny about his memory by often saying "remembering when I was involved with that famous broad, Amy A." Yet, towards the end of the professor's presentation, a students asks "why have you chosen to speak about Mr. Greenleaf?" Professor Primo responds with "he is the person, which you want to look up to. Mr. Greenleaf tries to be a casanova, and he is cognizant of all females sexual desires." Towards the end of the class, another student asks "what makes Mr. Greenleaf so desirable to the ladies?" Professor Primo responds with "it is his charm, and cool demeanor that the ladies are comfortable around." In closing, a beautiful female named Jesse got up at the end of class to say "ladies beware of Rahulio." Many people nodded their head, with Jesse, in accord.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Watching "Interstellar" with covert Damon, and top notch McConaughey

Two nights ago, RSG saw "Interstellar" with Primo. RSG and Primo thought the movie was spectacular. The movie is directed by Christopher Nolan, and every minute is stimulating for the brain. The cast includes Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, and Michael Caine. As for Matt Damon's covert role, he appears as Dr. Mann. The doctor emerges from hypersleep in his lab, on the icy planet in Damon's first scene. At one point, Dr. Mann becomes a sort of villain to Matthew McConaughey's "Cooper" character. Nonetheless, Damon does a nice job of portraying an eccentric character in various scenes. Speaking of the cast, Casey Affleck and John Lithgow and Wes Bentley have important small roles in the movie too. In terms of possible Oscar buzz, Christopher Nolan should get a best director nomination. Jessica Chastain should get a best supporting actress nomination also. Hopefully, the movie will win some accolades during the 2015 awards season. Even though RSG saw the flick in regular format, the 169 min. movie is best seen in IMAX format. Luckily, the movie is not in 3d in theaters. Finally, enjoy the picture of four important people on the recent Hollywood Reporter cover.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Review: new u2 album "Songs of Innocence", and Calvin Harris' new album

Recently, U2 released their new album "Songs of Innocence" via Itunes download. But, RSG had to buy the cd due to no Itunes account. The quartet from Ireland has produced another great album, as ten of the eleven tracks are spectacular. The album has great ballads, like "Every Breaking Wave" and "The Miracle of Joey Ramone." Also, the song "Iris (Hold Me Close)" sounds like another version of "Ultraviolet"; another popular U2 track from the "Achtung Baby" album. Ryan Tedder produced a handful of the tracks, and he is the lead singer of "One Republic." U2's latest album is better than "no line on the horizon", the group's last album released in 2009. In addition to u2's new album, RSG is looking forward to some new tracks from Calvin Harris. This EDM DJ is one of the best DJ's in the world. His new album titled "Motion" will be released November 2014. Three of the best songs on the album are: 1. Summer, 2. Blame, and 3. Under Control. "Summer" was released in the summer 2014, while "Blame" is Calvin's latest song hitting radio stations across the U.S. Wonder if Calvin's new album will have success similar to his last album, "18 Months." That album had produced more than five hit singles for the UK DJ. Finally, if you want to see Calvin Harris perform, you will pay $75 or more per ticket. The DJ is a regular performer in Las Vegas, London, and other U.K. venues.